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Backyard Play equipment is design for children ages 2-12, in a single family, backyard venue.  Backyard play does not include commercial venues such as parks, community playground, church, school or apartment (multifamily) venues.  For commercial play equipment, visit our website.     Your play area may include a fort, playset, playstructure or climbing tower.  In backyard play and unlike on the public playground, a swingset may be attached to the structure.  In commercial play environments, a play structure and swingset may not be combined or attached, they must be in a different use zone. 

The USED playset may be an enticing concept to some. For safety reasons, the is usually not a good idea.  If someone is getting rid of their back yard play activity, they may have a hidden reason.  The kids don't play with it may mean the items or features were inappropriate or not selected for that age group.  We are moving and don't want to leave it, well... who cares. Not my problem now.   One of the biggest concerns is with the hidden dangers of rusted parts, worn connectors, deterioration of wood and other issues of the like are not going to be listed in the want ads.  If there was originally a warranty, it is probably expired.  If there is still a warranty it probably won't be in effect when moving it to a new location or new owner.  Now you have a used system with no manufacturer backing you up.  Who is liable if there is an injury?  Not the manufacturer, you are now the manufacturer of record.   If you can get past these issues, now you have to get the playset from THEIR yard to YOUR yard.   Driving a fort down the highway is tough, so you are going to need to take the system apart to fit on a truck or trailer.   More wear and tear and damage to the components is going to occur.  We're not just trying to sell you a new bag of goods, these are serious concerns that we would look at for our own children and grandchildren.

Determining when to buy your playset is a challenge.   Do you get the playset when the children are two or twelve.   First determine what are the abilities of the passengers.   You don't want to have overhead climbers or monkey bars present for the wee ones.  They can't safely grab hold and hang, much less hand over hand climb like a monkey.   Think about how high the structure is.  Do you want a 2 year old seven or eight feet in the air?   Maybe a lower, slower and more moderate design is going to be better for the little ones at play.  Now consider the older children.   They are not going to be amused, entertained or challenged with a play unit designed for two year old siblings.   As they grow older and develop physically, they have different needs to be challenged.  Now you need the higher deck, long slide, climbing walls, overhead ladders and a secret fort to hold club meetings.   The ONLY way we can think of to match the needs of the children to the playset it to make it grow with them.   Think small like a child, and add on features or replace as the needs and skills change.   So, I need to buy two?   No, GROW with the,  ADD on the next deck and features as you go.  Visit local park, school, church or other public playground and watch your children at play.   Not as much what the SAY as what they do.  Some experts put SWING and SLIDE as the top two events.  Forget everything else.   Some say a swing and trapeze bar, others are a waste of money.   If you are two blocks from the neighborhood park and there is a fabulous overhead ladder on the playground, perhaps you don't need that in your backyard.  If they have two swings in the park for 200 children, maybe one or two in your backyard will give the kiddos more swing time?  Visit your neighbors.  Play on their playset (if appropriate age and you have permission) and see what the kids do.  Ask the parents what the children like.  Many parents AFTER purchase  will tell you to NOT listen to the salesman at the jungle gym lot. By strange coincidence what they have on the lot for you is what EVERY child wants.  YOUR child is different and unique, and we mean that in a positive way.  Your child is NOT your neighbor's child, your playset may and most likely will be different.   A city of two million people and the freeway store has 4-16 models ready to drive off the lot.   So, there are only 16 models of children?    After the smoke and mirror, don't be persuaded by the option to add a steering wheel, or do you want a roof of not.  You should know when you walk on to the lot if you need a roof on the tower, that isn't an option.  Yes, I'd like to have an engine in my new sedan, that is NOT an option.  

Timing when to buy a playset during the year is also important for many parents.  Your local climate may offer suggestions.  If you have frost on the ground until April, likely no hurry to have a playset by Easter.   If your summer time temperatute is hot enough to roast hot dogs on the slide in August, play season may be over for you by July.   Spring Break, school is out, school starts, or Christmas presents are good calendar marks and holiday periods, but may not match up to the calender when you children will be using the equipment.    I'll wait for a sale.   Well, don't.  Most retailers don't put these on sale.   You get the perceived "sale" of a free this or that.  Memorial Day Sale!!!   Get a free $5 telescope.    Units and models may be repriced or disguised so you don't know which, what or how much a unit, was, is or will be.   SALE models are many times that smoke and mirror, so compare carefully.   Was this unit manufactured domestically, or was it imported from another country?  How can something that spend 8 weeks and 5000 miles enroute be cheaper than something that ships in 4 days and 1000 miles?    Even a tree expert is going to have trouble determining what is under the pretty stained and sealer lumber.  You can't ascertain from a photograph if the wood is 2 7/8" or 3".  Doesn't seem like a big difference, but there are some creative ways to get the price down.  Is the long, structural post ONE piece or is it three pieces bolted together?   One is cheaper to ship and the other is probably more of a structural choice. 


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